The chief variance betwixt a sincere horse and a
hobby equine is that you can get off a real equus caballus. And
one of my sideline horses is recitation the proof in
advertising. That's not a error.

Telling the correctness in through post publicity is necessary
for your semipermanent credibleness. And long-run likelihood.
Lying is always wrong, even when it makes you

Being continuous beside your unswerving letters prospects and
customers is required if you want to hang on to them. And
nowhere is this much essential than on your mover
envelope. Lose scrutiny of the justice here and you'll mislay
sight of your shopper for favourable.

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As Exhibit A I mark out your concentration to an envelope
mailed to this possible fool by the pleasant kindred at
Reader's Digest. This container is agreed in the import
as a "faux speak envoy envelope." Faux is French
for fake, false, imitative.

The packet looks and feels similar an envelope from a
courier enterprise. It is ample. It is ready-made from thickset paper
stock. It is red and dark blue. It says: "EXPRESS DAY
TIMED DELIVERY" on the front and posterior. It says "TIME-

This container even features the zipper-style vent
device, the variety found on traveller envelopes. It even
features a false barcode, the strain that the traveller
scans next to a hand-held scanner when you premonition for the

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The woe beside this envelope is that it is a lie. It was
not delivered by a envoy. It is not an "express day
timed conferral." Just form at the upper right-hand
corner and you'll see that this container was mail-clad
using Canada Post's discount Addressed Admail

So, what looks similar to a time-sensitive, secret
document hurried to me by same-day herald is
actually a sweepstake promotional material bulk mailed at the
cheapest charge possible, and imagined mail-clad to
hundreds of thousands of else strangers across the
continent. Which means, in my book, this packet is
a lie.

My proposal to Reader's Digest is that they enlighten the correctness
from floor to cover, with the sleeve. I won't buy
from a liar, not more than once, at any rate. As the old
saying goes, "Fool me once, scandal on you. Fool me
twice, scandal on me."

See the offending nonfiction at []

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