Although supreme of the Gamefishing my clients bask onboard Bite Me is pallid to moderate tackle, I once in a while get the opportunity to pause out the bent stock 80s and go after billfish. Every clash near these monsters is a study endure. We have learnt a few property on the way and for what its worth, I will be sign a few examples. You can acquire from them, or utterance at them. I advocate some.

2.30pm head distant from the Kadavu Seamount

1. Trolling a dispersed of 4 lures near the Kadavu mount - A violet Hollowpoint Cabo Killa on the lifelong rigger, and a dark/white/yellow/pink Black Bart Hot Breakfast on the stumpy rigger, both lures with a separate 10/0 Stainless alloy hook staid lateen-rigged on lead. 19 feet of 400lb wind-on and 9 feet of 300lb Ande leading light. Short and hourlong corners were a immense hoary / yellowish habit MBT Monster and a John Lau Linda, some 12/0 clone hook free restraint lateen at roughly 45 degrees. (Pakula stylishness)

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A significant light-blue of roughly speaking 600lbs comes in from the right, nails the short-dated rigger, (skipper guns the liner) then crosses ended and nails the interminable artisan as that bait passes her as all right. Two Penn International 80s noisy. The aquatic vertebrate consequently charges distant in the differing itinerary to the yacht on the external for a few seconds and next disappears. (Pandemonium on deck- is it a clone hook-up? Who goes in the bench ? - piles of yelling coming from the catwalk). Angler erect by respectively rod dirt we find out in particular what's active on. (I know I know, direct let-down to abide by next to IGFA Rules - but you try erect and indefinitely holding a noisy coiled butt 80 near 25lbs of haul - Hays Handle or not) 5 seconds after that the blue-black emerges merely 40 yards behind the vessel and launches vertically unspotted out of the sea handsome every person a fantastic representation of a cosmic blue, sidelong on, silver and aureate flanks, 15 feet in the air. The chromatic seems to hang, on ice in the air whilst 6 jaws hit the deck consequently crashes spinal column in a fit of anger, throws both lures and disappears. Anglers interweave in matted mire of two lures next to some body to a great extent scuffed for various feet up of respectively attract. One of the maulers had its ingredient curved.

What went correct ?

  • Well, we went to the freedom put down. (had other teeny cerulean closer on a skipbait)
  • We ran the precise lures in the apposite colors. (lures imitating the euthynnus pelamis prickly pear and mahi that were in the swathe)
  • Our mitt were sharp
  • We gunned the watercraft after the bang to sustain set the catch.

What went wrong

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  1. Single hook staid cablegram rig is not the way to go. The sapphire was able to flip some lures. If they had been square-rigged with a 2 hook floppy trammels rig, the behind hook may have swung terminated or beneath the official document and given us a hook-up. If we had lifeless run azygous catch rigs (because of further weight humourous the attraction dealing) it could have been better-quality if we had not used a aching rope rig and previously owned brawny mono instead, allowing the hook to activity a micro.
  2. One of the mitt had its ingredient bent. It had proven to creep into but the component area, woman extremely sharp, was also watered-down compared to the indicator of the hook. The stripe tension must have been hard to set the catch at an angle to the way of the hook factor and alternatively of dynamic the spine in, it bowed it.

"In my small opinion"

If you are sportfishing for navy marlin, I recommend a two hook rig or a spinster hook set well spinal column in the skirt and square-rigged on middleweight mono to springiness it quite a few plasticity. Yes, a 2 hook rig can pin a marlins jaws lock so you without doubt essential pull out the mitt and yes- a big mahi mahi on the platform beside one catch in its mouth and different flailing in circles is a situation for any deckie but if you are pensive roughly speaking that, go next to a lone Duratin hook on monaural. (we do hassle roughly speaking that)

Don't file your catch points so considerably so that the constituent is nightlong and hyperfine. By all finances have a knife-like spike but support that prickle fundamental measure shorter rather than longer.

As to whether or not you should use manus wherever the barb is parallel to the cut (like the Shogun T481 or Maruto 1983) or upturned in slightly towards the shank (like the Mustad 7691 or Maruto 1962) ?

Jury is frozen out. I know a number of skippers use one of respectively in their large lures with the trailing catch person the overturned in elegance.

I shady that the undamaged issue of catch rigs in whopping Marlin lures is a situation of talk. I have posed the inquiry to Tim Simpson, the Editor of BlueWater magazine. It may be that the close reason of the magazine has one absorbing interpretation from professionals such as as Peter Pakula.

Oh, by the way - the Feb/Mar part has a lead romance on the top Blue billfish skippers liking lures and how they like to rig them.

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